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The Rittenhouse Lifecycle

What is the Rittenhouse Lifecycle?

The "Rittenhouse Lifecycle" is a term we've coined for the project and process management system and approach we use to aid our clients to achieve organizational and/or project success. We apply this approach in all of our core areas of expertise, including development and construction, diversity and procurement, and community / political engagement. With a rigorous approach to strategy, process and execution, we optimize each component of the lifecycle to support our clients' strategic objectives.

The Rittenhouse Lifecycle Approach is broken down into four distinct elements:

  1. Client Relationship Management: We listen, set actionable goals and engage client leadership and stakeholders to obtain as much project/institutional information as possible in preparation for effective strategic planning.

  2. Strategic Planning: We synthesize project needs into attainable organizational goals and measurable milestones.

  3. Process Management: We examine currently utilized processes to determine their applicability to currently defined goals and milestones so that we can create an environment which optimizes the opportunity or project execution and success.

  4. Project Execution: We manage end to end execution of projects and oversee management of cross project dependencies.